Advances in Opioid Treatment

In the news this week I’m reading of advances in treatment for opioid dependence. In the past there were very few resources for people who were addicted to opiates. But with news coverage of the overdose epidemic, there are a growing number of available options. Although there is still a stigma against medication assisted treatment, I am encouraged to hear of new opportunities. In this podcast we discuss several news articles that reference new options within two jails and improved third party insurance reimbursement.

Discussion Guide:

Has it been difficult for you to access treatment for your dependence?

Have you been incarcerated and underwent a detox without assistance?

If you were offered a criminal diversion program prior to incarceration, would you participate?

If there were additional federal funds available towards opioid dependence, where would you recommend it be applied?

Have you abused gabapentin to boost the high you get from opiates?

Supplemental Reading:

Health Department Takes the Next Step By addressing the Regional Opioid Crisis: The expansion of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services 

Jail Detox Program Gives Female Heroin Addicts a Head Start to Recovery by Mark Ockerbloom and Jason Solowski

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1 in 5 Opioid Users Also Might Be Abusing Seizure Drug: Study, Health Day, News for Healthier Living