Anyone Addicted to Sugar?

Who doesn't love sweets? It turns out that sugar hits the same part of the brain's reward system as substances. Sugar has the same effect as drugs to a milder degree and some people find it addicting. They can experience dependency, cravings and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if abruptly cut off from sugar. Listen in to this recovery support group as they talk about their experiences with sugar.

Discussion Guide:

Can someone be addicted to sugar?

Do you crave sugar and consume large amounts of it?

Have you experienced difficulty cutting back on sugar?

Do you consume food as a means of coping with stress?

Is sugar especially dangerous to people in recovery?

Do you believe that Methadone and Suboxone cause people to gain weight?

Good nutrition is an antidote to an addict's body that has been depleted. Do you eat nutritionally balanced meals?

Supplemental Reading:

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