Are 12 Step Meetings Helpful for People Who Utilize Medication Assisted Treatment?

There are a lot of opinions about 12 Step Meetings. There are some people in the 12 Step community who believe that the use of medication, such as an antidepressant, methadone or Suboxone, means that one is not abstinent from substances. Therefore, people who utilize medication assisted treatment tend to shy away from this model of help. Listen to a group of people who are in recovery from opiate dependence discuss their experience of AA and NA.

Discussion Guide:

Have you attended, or are you now attending, 12 Step Meetings? As a medication assisted treatment patient, do you feel welcome there?

The 12 Step program is based upon spiritual principles. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? If not, how do you handle this when participating in a meeting?

Do you find the 12 Steps helpful and useful?

Can 12 Step meetings address underlying mental health issues?

What do you recommend to your peers about how to best utilize AA and NA?

Supplemental Reading:

AA, Without the 12 Steps, by Hank Murphy