Are Doctors Too Quick to Prescribe and/or Too Quick to Terminate?

Medical doctors have been partially blamed for the opioid epidemic. But doctors can err on both sides of the continuum. They can be too quick to prescribe opioids and/or they can be too quick to terminate their professional relationship once they discover an addiction. What's the best response from a doctor when they learn that their patient is abusing their opioids? Listen in to an opiate support group talk about their experiences.

Discussion Guide:

Have you experienced unfair treatment from a medical doctor regarding the prescription of pain killers?

Have you received excessive amounts of a prescribed opiate from a doctor who was too easily manipulated?

Have you been harshly and abruptly cut off by a doctor?

What are the factors that influence whether you will receive a pain killer, if needed?

What are the factors involved in whether you will be terminated as a patient?

How do you believe a doctor should approach someone who they discover is abusing opiates?

Supplemental Reading:

Lembke, Anna, The Compassionate Doctor, the Narcissistic Injury, and the Prescription Opioid Epidemic,