Benefits of Coming Out of the Addiction Closet

Substance abusers are ashamed of their behavior and strive to keep it secret. Once you come out of the addiction closet you may be surprised at the benefits. Listen in to a group of people in recovery discuss the benefits of coming out.

Discussion Guide:

Have you told your close friends and family about your addiction and recovery, or did you try to keep it secret?

When you told, was it well received?

Who should you tell? When should you tell? How much should you tell?

What are the benefits of coming out of the addiction closet?

Did you feel a sense of relief after confessing your addiction to someone?

When you told your friends and family about your addiction, did they hold you accountable and help you maintain sobriety?

Have you found that you are helpful to others because of your honesty?

Do you feel a sense of community now that you've come out of hiding?

Supplemental Reading:

Beth Leipholtz, 5 Benefits To Coming Out of the Sobriety Closet,