Can You Get and Stay Drug Free Alone?

What are the odds that you can overcome drug addiction alone? Some people have been able to achieve abstinence through sheer will power, but the majority of people cannot. Most people require the guidance of a treatment program. Recovery support groups help people feel that they are not alone, in a non-judgmental environment, where they receive education and tips for abstinence. Hearing other's addiction stories can serve as motivation and inspiration for abstinence. Listen to a recovery group talk about their opinions and experiences of getting sober, whether alone or with a treatment program.

Discussion Guide:

Have you attempted to withdraw from opiates alone? If so, was it successful?

Were you able to sustain drug abstinence without treatment?

What are the healing aspects of a recovery support group?

Have you disclosed and confessed your darkest addiction stories to someone? If so, was it a cleansing experience?

What healthy activities have replaced your drug use?

Do you have adequate tools in your toolbox to sustain recovery?

Supplemental Reading:

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