Communities Can Be Helpful or Hurtful

Drug use does not exist in a vacuum. Drug abuse occurs within a community. That community can be hurtful in some ways, but can also become a source of renewal. Author Jason M. S. wrote that addicts are vulnerable people in certain communities of people. It is wise for the recovering addict to seek out a community of other individuals in recovery with common intent. One must ‘find their tribe’ in a sense. Listen to a group of people in recovery talk about their struggles and their successes.

Discussion Guide:

Prior to your recovery, did you use substances with others, or alone?

Did you change your circle of friends and social activities in order to refrain from drug use?

How did you cope with the judgment of community members who knew of your addiction?

Now that you are in recovery, have you established healthy friendships and activities?

If not, how do you cope with loneliness and boredom?

Have you found your tribe, so to speak, in your recovery community?


Credit and appreciation is given to author, Jason M. S. for his article “The Importance of Community in Recovery”. However, his identification is withheld for purposes of confidentiality.