Dissolving the Barriers Between Drug Users and Non-Drug Users

People who don’t abuse substances have difficulty understanding those who do. They just don’t get it. And yet, people who are in recovery from a drug addiction would like to be understood, rather than judged. Recovery is made easier within a supportive network of family and friends. Podcast recovery group member and writer, Jason M. S. wrote an article called “Dissolving the Barriers”. Listen in to this recovery group as they discuss the concepts in his article.

Discussion Guide:

Is it important to dissolve barriers between users and non-users?

Should non-drug users be sympathetic and empathic to people who become addicted to a substance? Why?

If your family or close friends are not understanding or supportive, does it increase the likelihood of relapse?

Author, Terence McKenna, says that heroin addiction is “the soldier’s disease”. What does he mean by this?

When comparing alcohol and heroin, which is seen as more “evil” in the general population? Why? Do you agree?

Opiate withdrawal can lead to immoral or illegal behavior. What behaviors have you engaged in to avoid withdrawal symptoms?

The characteristics of euphoria and nodding out are distasteful to non-users. What is so compelling about the experience that you were unwilling or unable to stop?

“Dope fiends are sick people who cannot act in any other way than they do. A rabid dog cannot choose but bite.” by Terence McKenna. Do you believe that an addicted person has no choice but to act in any other way?

Group member and author, Jason M. S. wrote, “The way a diabetic might disregard others’ needs while in a state of shock from having low blood sugar as they desperately obtain their insulin, is the same way a heroin addict may disregard another’s need when in withdrawal.” Is this a good analogy and valid explanation for immoral or illegal behavior from people who are in withdrawal?

Supplemental Reading:

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge a Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution by Terence McKenna

Credit and appreciation is given to author, Jason M. S. for his article “Dissolving the Barriers”. However, his identification is withheld for purposes of confidentiality.