Doctor Indicted for an Overdose Death

Generally speaking, an overdose victim is largely held responsible for the behavior that led to their death. But sometimes people who die by drug overdose are assisted by others. It is an especially sad incident when health care providers contribute to the deaths of their patients. In this podcast we discuss the death of Matthew Roberts, guitarist of 3 Doors Down, at the hands of his doctor, Richard Snellgrove. Where did the doctor go wrong? Listen in.

Discussion Guide:

Matthew Roberts died of a drug overdose on Aug. 20, 2016 and his doctor, Dr. Richard Snellgrove, has been indicted for unlawfully prescribing medication.

What could go wrong with prescribing Fentanyl, Hydroodone and Xanax?

What could go wrong by prescribing a controlled substance for no known medical purpose?

What could go wrong with prescribing medication to other people, knowing that they were intended for Matthew Roberts?

What could go wrong with having a close and personal relationship with your doctor who provides after-hour appointments?

What could go wrong with a doctor who is described as a "celebrity junkie"?

What could go wrong with a doctor prescribing medication to patients that he has not seen in person?

What could go wrong with writing a prescription to a second party because the insurance won't cover the medication for the first party?

Have you had any of these experiences?

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