Don’t Pressure Someone to Stop Suboxone or Methadone

Some people believe that medication assisted treatment for opiate dependence is just substituting one drug for another. This myth that can be harmful to the people who need these medications for their recovery. In fact, Suboxone and Methadone are life-saving medications for those that need them. There can be dire consequences to people who feel pressured to cease their medication prematurely, possibly even death. Listen in to a group of opiate addicts talk about feeling pressured to stop their medication.

Discussion Guide:

Have you been told that your medication is just substituting one drug for another?

Have you felt pressured to taper off your medication?

Have you felt shamed by other's in recovery for taking a medication?

How do you educate your family and friends about the benefits of Methadone or Suboxone?

Do you feel supported by others in your treatment program?

Supplemental Reading:

Alexander, Maksimilian In Defense of Suboxone,