Election Season: Political Proposals Related to Substance Abuse

It's election time and United States political leaders are advancing their party platforms to curb addiction and increase research. In the news this week I found that Hillary Clinton supports a proposal to tax opioids and she'd like to change the Schedule II classification for marijuana.  Also, the republican party suggests that heterosexual marriage prevents drug addicts. Yes, you heard me. The GOP suggests that marriage between man and woman prevents drug addicts. Listen in to this group of opiate addicts weigh in with their opinions.

Discussion Guide:

Do you believe that heterosexual marriage prevents drug addiction? And do you believe that same sex marriage contributes to substance abusing children?

To what degree, if at all, are parents responsible for their children's addiction?

Do you believe that opioid manufacturers or importers should be taxed? If so, how do you suggest that the money be used; ex: Naloxone, research, treatment, physician training?

Should doctors be given full disclosure of a patient's addiction history? What are the pros and cons of this disclosure?

Should marijuana be moved from DEA classification Schedule I to a Schedule II drug? What are the pros and cons of this change?

Supplemental Reading:

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