Environment: The Lure and the Trap of the Heroin World

We all know that environment plays a role in the development of substance abuse and addiction. Environmental risk factors are characteristics in a person’s surroundings that increase their likelihood of becoming addicted to drugs. But let’s talk about the drug world, and specific aspects of the heroin world. Writer, Jason S wrote, “You get into an addiction because of the lure of the drug environment, but once you are addicted, you prefer that environment. Only while you are under the influence of a substance is that environment cool. As soon as you have a clear and sober mind, you see that environment as disgusting.”

Discussion Guide:

Heroin has a stigma associated with it, even within the drug world, that sets it apart from other drugs of abuse. Why does heroin have a stigma?

It is said that the average person would not happen upon a heroin addiction. This is something an individual seeks out. People seek the drug knowing full well the notorious reputation. Did you stumble upon heroin use or did you seek it out?

Many people would want to try it based on the mysterious nature of the drug. They would want to see it, smell it, touch it, and eventually try it. Mystery is a powerful lure. Is this true for you? Why were you drawn to heroin?

Jason S wrote, “When I began to use drugs more and more often, I was finding myself in environments I never thought I’d be in. I became comfortable and ultimately never wanted to be outside of places that were promotional to drug experimentation. Where in my childhood I was around people with immense disdain toward drugs and users, I was now surrounding myself with people advocating drug abuse of the most hardcore order. ” Did you notice a shift in your activities and environment as your addiction progressed?


Credit and appreciation is given to author, Jason M. S. for his article “Environment”. However, his identification is withheld for purposes of confidentiality.