Feeling Different from Sober, Drug Free People?

People who struggle with an addiction feel different from the norm. And in some ways, they are. Listen in to an opiate recovery group discuss their opinions and experiences of being different from sober, drug free people.

Discussion Guide:

What is different about people who struggle with an addiction and those who don't?

In what ways do sober, drug free people handle the following things differently from people who've had an addiction?

  • Money
  • Legal problems
  • Handling of crises
  • Gratitude levels
  • Hypervigilence to the social environment
  • Spirituality
  • Coping mechanisms

Supplemental Reading:

Kelly Fitzgerald, The 7 Biggest Differences Between Sober People and Normies, http://www.thefix.com/7-biggest-differences-between-sober-people-and-normies