How to Get a Friend Help

Dan Gordon wrote an article “How To Help An Addicted Friend or Family Member Get Help.” He makes the point that substance abuse causes changes in the brain. These changes can include poor impulse control and lack of insight. These conditions make it less likely that someone who abuses substances will have clarity about their own growing problem. Gordon calls this a disease of denial. If the substance abuser is in denial, it is helpful for their family members and friends to intervene.  So, how do you approach the substance abuser? Listen in to a group of people who have been on the receiving end of other’s advice, and hear how they would help substance abusers get help.

Discussion Guide:

Was it your idea to enter treatment, or did someone recommend it?

Is this an addiction of denial? In what way?

Did others see your problem before you did?

What did they see?

How was it presented to you?

Were you open to hearing it?

How would you approach a friend who you believe has a drug problem?

Supplemental Reading:

Expert Advice: How to Help an Addicted Friend or Family Member Get Help by Dan Gordon