It’s Good to Do Good

There’s a saying that it’s better to give than to receive. We get an overall feeling of happiness when we help someone, or plan a surprise for someone, or give a gift. Did you know that every time you perform a good act, you get a drop of serotonin? Serotonin is the feel good chemical in our brains. And not only do you feel good, the recipient of your act feels good, and anyone who witnesses your act also feels good. The world benefits from making it public. Listen in to a group of people who have been dependent on opiates discuss good acts that they have either done or seen.

Discussion Guide:

Name a good deed that you performed.

Name a good deed that you witnessed.

Does the boost of serotonin assist your recovery? In what way?

Supplemental Websites:

Anonymous Good ( is a website that takes that concept and extends it to feed people, free slaves, provide clean water, and plant trees. When you see or do an act of good and post it on the site, the organizers of the site get the acts sponsored by a financial contributor. Fifty cents is donated for each act of good you post. That money goes toward their goals.

There’s another website called Random Acts of Kindness ( that is based on the concept of paying it forward. Their website is loaded with kindness ideas, stories and inspiration. They even have lesson plans to teach kindness as a skill, to be incorporated in any educational curriculum, to strengthen compassion muscles. Start posting your photos, ideas and stories on this site to make the world a better place.