Medication Assisted Treatment is the Gold Standard for Opiate Addicts

A bias exists in which medication used as a recovery tool is cheating. Many people in the 12 step community have been led to believe that people who use medication are simply switching one addiction for another. However, the abstinence model is being replaced. In fact, SAMHSA is encouraging states to require that treatment facilities either have the capacity to use medication assisted treatment (MAT) or have collaborative relationships with other providers who do.

Discussion Guide:

Are rapid detox programs effective for long term recovery for people who are dependent on opiates?

Is inpatient treatment effective for an opiate addict, if they don’t offer medication assisted treatment?

Are you being set up for failure if you are in a controlled environment, such as incarceration or inpatient program, and not given medication assisted treatment upon your release?

Can you say that you have successfully completed a court ordered treatment if you choose to continue your medication indefinitely?

Supplementary Reading:

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