Sober Friends Can Make You or Break You

Victoria B. wrote a blog entitled "Your Friends In Sobriety Can Make or Break You". In this, she writes about the importance of fellowship with people in recovery. Most people cannot sustain drug abstinence without a strong support network. Listen in to a group of people in recovery from opiate dependence share their thoughts on social connections.

Discussion Guide:

Have you developed a healthy support network in recovery?

What's at risk if you continue to associate with drug users?

Not everyone who attends a recovery support group are drug free. What steps did you take to weed out healthy from unhealthy recovery friendships?

Could you maintain drug abstinence without a support network?

Many people relapse because they are bored or lonely. Have you developed hobbies and activities to enjoy life?

Supplemental Reading:

Your Friends In Sobriety Can Make or Break You, Victoria B.