The Importance of a Clean Break

Conventional wisdom holds that it is important to avoid people, places and things associated with drug use in order to achieve and maintain drug abstinence. During recovery, people are fragile. They are exposed and vulnerable as they create a new lifestyle without the drug. If you don’t put a distance between you and the drug, you are likely to relapse. Listen to a group of people who were addicted to opiates discuss the importance of a clean break.

Discussion Guide:

Are you ready to make a clean break, or are you simply interested in managing your drug use?

Is making a clean break from your drug using lifestyle important for recovery?

Do you have loose ends that need to be tied up before you can commit to recovery?

What attempts are you making to avoid the drug environment?

What’s the hardest aspect of avoiding people, places and things for you?


Credit and appreciation is given to author, Jason M. S. for his article “The Importance of a Clean Break”. However, his identification is withheld for purposes of confidentiality.