The Wisdom of Having a Sponsor

Medication Assisted Treatment patients have not always felt welcome at 12 Step meetings due to a stigma against using a medication to help toward drug abstinence. Therefore, some people who use Methadone or Suboxone feel the need to keep their medication private. They tend to shy away from AA/NA meetings and are not as likely to seek out a sponsor. This podcast focuses on the benefits of having a sponsor. Listen in to people talk about their experiences with sponsors.

Discussion Guide:

Do you participate in a 12 Step program? Do you have a sponsor?

What is the purpose of sponsorship?

What is the difference between a substance abuse counselor and a 12 Step sponsor?

What is the criteria for choosing a sponsor?

Should the sponsor be available 24/7?

Can you have more than one sponsor at a time? Can you change sponsors?

Have you considered becoming a sponsor? Can anyone be a sponsor? What are the characteristics of a sponsor?

Do you feel that your recovery is sufficiently stable to sponsor someone new to treatment?

What do you think the tasks of a sponsor are?

Should a sponsor lend money to a sponsee?

How should a sponsor deal with relapses?

In addition to being a sponsor, the 12 Step program recommends that members do acts of service. Examples of this might be working on committees, setting up the meeting room, speaking about recovery in jails or schools. Have you considered doing some type of service work?

Supplemental Reading:

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