Those Darned Emotions

Relapses are often a result of poorly handled emotions. Alcohol, drugs or addictive behaviors used to provide temporary relief from those feelings, but recovery provides an opportunity to learn new coping skills. Addicts need effective ways of tolerating, managing and making sense of the negative feelings encountered in daily life. Listen in to this group of people in recovery discuss their emotions.

Discussion Guide:

Complete the sentences using the following emotions: Shame, Love, Anger, Sadness, Fear, Grief, Anxiety, Embarrassment

What I learned as a child about (fill in the emotion) is.

How I came to cope with (fill in the emotion) is.

What I now know about (fill in the emotion) is.

How I cope now with (fill in the emotion) is.

Which feelings are the easiest for you to manage?

Which feelings are the hardest for you to manage?

Supplemental Resources:

Communication Technique to deal with intense emotion: (complete the sentence)

1. I notice that (state the facts of the upsetting event in a neutral way).

2. My vulnerable emotion is (state the feelings that underlie anger).

3. My request is (what would you like to have happen in this situation).

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