What Can We Learn from Bananas about Relapse Prevention?

Pavel G. Somov developed a Banana Peel Metaphor to distinguish between a “slip”, “lapse” and “re-lapse”. Imagine that you are walking down the street and see a slippery banana peel on the ground. You avoid it to prevent yourself from slipping. Or perhaps you don’t see the banana peel in time and you slip but catch yourself.  Or further, you fell but got back up. Worse yet, you fell and fell again, or stayed down until help arrives. Craving, lapse and relapse work in much the same manner.

Discussion Guide:

Describe a craving that did not lead to drug use.

Describe a lapse in which you fell but regained balance.

Describe a re-lapse in which you fell and couldn’t get back up.

What are the triggers that are likely to lead to cravings?

What tools do you have to regain your balance after a lapse?

What is your relapse prevention plan?

Supplemental Reading:

Bananas of Slip, Lapse and Re-Lapse Prevention,  Pavel G. Somov, Ph.D. http://blogs.psychcentral.com/mindful-living/2015/05/the-bananas-of-slip-lapse-and-re-lapse-prevention/