What Do I Replace My Favorite Activity With?

Giving up your favorite pastime can feel like a loss. When you stop excessive drug use, you are choosing to give up what has been a source of great pleasure. Illicit drug use releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical  in the brain, at a greater rate than life’s normal pleasures. Routine pleasures can feel flat in comparison, making you prone to depression and a relapse.  A  key to sustained recovery is replacing the drug with an active and satisfying life. Author, Rick Nauert, advises that you do one pleasurable activity each day, then reward yourself for having done it. Listen in to group of opiate dependent people talk about pleasurable activity.

Discussion Guide:

Name some activities that you enjoyed before you became dependent on a substance.

Have you experienced a period of feeling down or sad after starting recovery?

Have these feelings put you at risk of a relapse?

What activities would you like to resume that you enjoyed in the past?

What new activities would you like to try?

What rewards can you use to reinforce new activities?

Supplemental Reading:

Treating Addiction Recovery as Reward, Not Deprivation by Rick Nauert, PhDhttp://psychcentral.com/news/2015/11/16/treating-addiction-recovery-as-reward-not-deprivation/94920.html