What Not To Say To An Addict

It is not easy to watch a substance abuser crash and burn. The people who love them want to intervene and will attempt to talk to them about their substance problem. But not all words are helpful. Even if well intentioned, some words can be misguided or detrimental. Brian Whitney wrote "Eleven Things NOT to Say to the Addict in Your Life". Listen to this group of opiate addict's experiences of words that were hurtful to them.

Discussion Guide:

What have people said regarding your addiction that has been hurtful or unhelpful to you?

How did you respond to these remarks?

What do you recommend to others about how to talk to an addict?

Supplemental Reading:

Eleven Things NOT To Say to the Addict in Your Life, Whitney, Brian, https://www.thefix.com/eleven-things-not-say-addict-your-life