Who Are These People Who Use Drugs?

There is a segment of the population who doesn’t drink or use drugs. But many do. A small percentage of illegal-drug users become addicts, while the majority of people who use drugs do so responsibly. I’m not advocating for the use of drugs, but there is a misunderstanding about people who abuse them.

Drug addicts are thought of as the deviants of society. They are thought to be living in crack houses or under a bridge, unemployed, school drop outs, prostitutes, or pimps. Advanced addiction brings negative consequences but the majority are just like everyone else. They are your family members, your friends and your co-workers. It could be your son, daughter or grandmother.  It may be you.

When you think of people who use drugs, what image comes to mind? Listen to a group of drug users talk about their perceptions of the demographics of drug use and addiction.

Discussion Guide:

What kind of person comes to mind when you think of an “addict”?

Are they male or female?

What is their age?

Are they typically upper, middle or lower class?

Are rural, urban or suburban people more likely to use drugs?

Who is  more likely to use drugs, people who are less educated or more educated?

Are they more likely to use drugs if they have a family history of addiction, or have no family history of addiction?

Are they religious or non-religious people?

Are they medically healthy or medically unhealthy?

Supplemental Reading: The Demographics of Drug Use and Addiction http://www.socialjusticesolutions.org/2015/11/24/the-demographics-of-drug-use-and-addiction/