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The Types of People You Need in Your Recovery Circle

Recovery is not something easily done alone. We all need support, and support comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. Each relationship is special and offers something unique. Listen to this recovery support group talk about the people who have been important to their lives.

Discussion Guide:

Who are the significant people in your life? Name the people who fit these descriptions:

The one who has been there and knows your experience

The one who tells it like it is and tells you the truth, even if it hurts

The one who loves unconditionally without judgment

The one who pushes you

The one who knew you in your addiction and in your recovery

The one who hasn't been there, but supports you nonetheless


Supplemental Reading:

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Can We Predict If Our Children Will Become Addicts?

Every parent hopes their child will have a healthy and satisfying life. And their greatest fear is that their child will become a drug addict. Is it possible to predict this? Listen to this group talk about their experiences of their own addiction and their opinions on whether it can be predicted. And if it can be predicted, what are some protective factors?

Discussion Guide:

Is your family tree marked by addictions?

Do you believe your addiction is partly attributable to your family genetics?

Was your addiction partly caused by trauma?

Were you heavily influenced by your peer group and environment?

How would you protect your children from developing an addiction?

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New Research on Marijuana

Many of us are familiar with the benefits of marijuana. Proponents of cannabis sometimes close their eyes to the risks of marijuana. So let's explore the research surrounding its potential negatives. Listen in to the group discuss some new research findings.

Discussion Guide:

What are the benefits of marijuana?

What are the risks of marijuana to overall health?

What are the risks of marijuana to mental health?

What are the risks of marijuana to driving safety?

What are the risks of marijuana during pregnancy?

Have you known anyone who suffered a negative consequence from marijuana use?

Supplemental Reading:

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Benefits of Coming Out of the Addiction Closet

Substance abusers are ashamed of their behavior and strive to keep it secret. Once you come out of the addiction closet you may be surprised at the benefits. Listen in to a group of people in recovery discuss the benefits of coming out.

Discussion Guide:

Have you told your close friends and family about your addiction and recovery, or did you try to keep it secret?

When you told, was it well received?

Who should you tell? When should you tell? How much should you tell?

What are the benefits of coming out of the addiction closet?

Did you feel a sense of relief after confessing your addiction to someone?

When you told your friends and family about your addiction, did they hold you accountable and help you maintain sobriety?

Have you found that you are helpful to others because of your honesty?

Do you feel a sense of community now that you've come out of hiding?

Supplemental Reading:

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Drug Users Are Targeted for Death in the Phillipines

The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has declared war on drugs and drug users. "Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun — you have my support," President Rodrigo Duterte said. "Shoot [them] and I'll give you a medal." There have been 6,775 deaths since July 1, 2016. Bodies show up on the streets daily with cardboard signs describing their drug crimes. Listen in to this group of former substance abusers talk about this horrendous situation.

Discussion Guide:

Have you, as a substance abuser, been the subject of hatred?

Shabu (crystal meth) is the drug of choice in Asian countries since the 1970's. Have you smoked crystal meth? Why do people continue to use Shabu in light of the threat of death?

Do you believe that eradicating drug users and dealers will stop the influx of substances into the country?

Informants identify which individuals are targeted. Have you, or do you know someone, who gave up names of drug dealers to the police? What are your thoughts about doing so?

In the Philippines there is a surrender list in which a drug user may be given a second chance. Would you risk placing yourself on a surrender list?

Supplemental Reading:

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