Opiate Recovery Podcasts allows you to listen in on an addiction support group. This group consists of people who are working on recovery from either heroin addiction or addiction to pain pills. They all utilize medication assisted treatment in the form of Methadone or Buprenorphine (Suboxone). Groups are facilitated by Gail Gabbert, an addiction counselor.

We find that opiate addiction shares commonalities with other substances of abuse, but have some unique features. Due to these unique features, we enjoy meeting with others who utilize medication as an adjunct to their recovery.

It is our hope that you will benefit from hearing kindred spirits on your path to recovery. You may want to use these discussions for your personal growth or facilitate your own support group.

These podcasts are designed for education and support purposes only and are not therapy. The views expressed in each podcast are the opinions of each member and do not reflect an official position of the treatment clinic.

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