Group Member Talks About his Relapse

One of our group members is overwhelmed with depression following the loss of someone he loves. It was more than he could withstand, and he turned to substances to cope. Thankfully, he returned to recovery group for support. Listen in to the opiate recovery support group as he talks about what happened and what he needs now.

Discussion Guide:

Describe a situation that caused, or nearly caused, a relapse.

What was your intention at the time? What did you want to have happen?

What was your belief about the situation? What were the automatic thoughts that came to your mind? Can you identify faulty thinking?

What were your feelings? What emotions caused you to be vulnerable at the time?

What was, or could have been, the negative effect of a relapse to yourself? To others?

What is your prevention plan? Identify the steps you will take to avoid a future relapse.