Opioid Addiction Hotline – Would You Call It?

We live in a world where stigma prevents opiate addicts from asking for help. The state of Illinois launched a helpline to provide assistance to people who are dependent on opioids. 1-833-2FINDHELP is a confidential resource for people who want to locate a treatment facility. The aim of the hotline is to target opioid addicts for treatment and to curb overdose-related deaths. They want to make treatment easily accessible. Listen in to this opiate recovery support group as they discuss their experiences with hotlines.

Discussion Guide:

Have you called a hotline to ask for help? If so, was it helpful?

If it was not helpful, why not?

Have you resisted asking for help? Why?

What are the factors that would prevent you from utilizing the resources offered?

Are you familiar with the Safe Passage Initiative?

Would you present yourself to the police or sheriff's department and trust them not to charge you with a crime, and instead direct you to treatment?

Supplemental Reading:

Elizabeth Tomev, Gov. Rauner Launches 24/7 Helpline to Combat Opioid Epidemic, Help Illinoisans in Crisis, http://www.illinois.gov/ltg/news/PressReleases/HELPLINE.pdf

Samhsa Treatment Locator, http://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/