Snortable Chocolate is the Latest Craze

Perhaps it is a common human desire to alter our mood in any way possible. The latest craze is snortable chocolate. It comes by the name "Coco Loko" and "Infused Cacao Snuff" and some view it as "cocaine on training wheels" that will appeal to children. The FDA is is shutting down the company who markets it. Listen in to this opiate recovery support group as they discuss their opinions on the topic.

Discussion Guide:

Have you attempted to get high on novel substances? What were they?

Are you familiar with snortable chocolate? Have you done it?

What are possible negative consequences of snorting chocolate?

Do you agree with the FDA in attempting to shut down the manufacture and marketing of snortable chocolate? Why?

Supplemental Reading:

Keri Blakinger, FDA Moves to End the Sale of Snortable Chocolate,